I'm still kind of upset with GM for destroying the Pontiac brand. Really, and it was 26-27 years ago in the mid 80's, they were still on track and especially with the 6000 STE in the lineup. Then the downfall started in the 90's with plastic cladding everywhere. I grew up in the 80's and dad worked for PMD. I loved the lineup every year. The Grand Am, Sunbird turbo, STE, and I got real excited in 88 with the new Grand Prix. My uncle had a 90 Turbo which I loved. I still purchased a new Pontiac every 2-3 years from 92-06. The Bonneville GXP with the 275 hp Northstar was great. And GM axing the Trans Am in 02 was the nail in the coffin. I respect Lutz but trying to turn the Pontiac brand into and American BMW brand with G5,G6,G8.....the public for the most part had no clue what those designations meant. The damage was done already anyhow. A FWD lineup wasn't going to cut it to try to be an American BMW. FINALLY with the GTO which was a flop but good car and the G8, things looked good but GM was sinking fast. I just leased a Buick (my first) Regal GS and I love this car. But I still wish Pontiac was still around.